G.G Kujundus OÜ has started the business since 2006. Besides decorating homes I have done communal rooms. Cafes, bars, Offices – are the projects where I can use my imagination and cooperating with client we have achieved ….
I love colours and from every project what I have created you can find more or less bright colours.
Interior design project doesnt mean allways a large scale design. I can allso help to make a small facelift and make a custom made furnituure drawings.

G.G Kujundus has been operating since 2006. As well as undertaking domestic interior design projects, G.G Kujundus has regularly undertaken interior design work for public and communal spaces around the country. For example, bars, restaurants, offices, schools to name the few from the portfolio, these have been projects where inspiration and imagination have been able to fly freely, and in partnership with the clients, truly bold and interesting design solutions have been achieved.
Colour is our passion, therefore, you can always identify bold, bright or contrasting colour solutions/ combinations in our work.
Interior design project does not always mean a large scale project work. We can also help you with projects were there is just interior facelift needed, or draw designs for custom made furniture.